Joice Sophia Ponraj

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Joice Sophia Ponraj

Dr. Joice Sophia Ponraj is a Research Fellow of Integrated Photonics Research Group in Photonics Department Department of Tyndall National Institute and Department of Physics, University Cork College. Her research project is aimed at the Design, Simulation and Fabrication of High-speed Components focusing on Mach Zehnder Modulators.  
  • Passionate Materials Researcher with expertise in Nanostructures & Thin film synthesis, structural optical studies, clean room Photonic Device fabrication, positively tackles challenges by planning, multitasking & delegation; Funded with 8+ projects worth 200k €. Effective science communicator with 6 awards, 20+ invited lecture.
  • Accomplished Physicst with 6+ years of experience in synthesis and studies of Ge, III-V semiconductors, metal oxides, 2D materials-G, TMDs, Xenes, MXenes, with winning proposal writing for Academia, & R&D projects. Strong builder of cross-functional collaborations
  • Self-motivated Researcher with expertise in Materials Synthesis and Device Process; easy-integration in 8 diverse multicultural environment by integrating, maintaining professional relationships and proven ability to face deadlines & positive feedback
  • Strong builder of cross-functional international collaborations published 40+ peer-reviewed research papers, 2 book chapters. Overall citations of articles are around 2866, with an H-index of 20, i10 index of 28 (G Scholar) and H-index of 19 (Web of Science). 
  • Energetic Physics and Nanoscience Lecturer with 10+ years, tutored and co-authored a variety of Physics, Nanoscience and Tech. and IT courses in AU, BU and UIST. Supervised UG, PG and PhD candidates for their research thesis work. Extensive experience working with students includes creating a tutorial environment with high level of critical thought, reasoning, innovation and writing skills.

About Joice

Joice Sophia Ponraj was awarded her PhD in Epitaxial Growth of Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, Indium Gallium Phosphide and their Nanomechanical Studies from Anna University, Chennai, India (2014). She was bestowed “Italian-Indian Bilateral Programme for Young Indian Researchers” hosted by University of Ferrara, Italy and National Doctoral Fellowship by the AICTE, India during her PhD. She was awarded prestigious ICTP-TRIL fellowship three times by ICTP, Trieste to work in IMEM-CNR, Parma, Italy as a visiting researcher during 2011 to 2014. Joice joined FUNSOM, Suzhou University, China in 2014 for her postdoctoral research and also awarded the individual Chinese Post-doctoral Funding.  In 2015, she worked as Assistant Professor in UIST, St. Paul The Apostile, Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia. She returned back to India as she bagged the prestigious INSPIRE Faculty Award in 2016. From the year 2019, she served as the Director and ADI Researcher of Centre of Advanced Materials, Aaivalayam-DIRAC, Coimbatore, India. During 2019-2021, she worked as Co-Fund Research Fellow at Department of Micro and Nanofabrication, INL, Braga, Portugal. She has to her credit more than 40 refereed publications and two book chapters. Her interests and passion for Physics make her engage in Science Communication. She is also working on mentoring students and promoting women in STEM, especially women in science in India with career break through Aaivaler Society.