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Shiely F, Kelleher C, Hayes K;
Irish Medical Journal
Contraceptive patterns across the lifecourse in the SLAN populations.
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Little information is available on contraceptive practices of the Irish population. This study analyses data from the Surveys of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition (SLAN) 1998 and 2002, which sampled representative cross-sections of the Irish adult population. Both surveys reported 70.7% of respondents as sexually active. Marital status and age influence sexual activity and show no change over time. A small increase in the percentage using contraception was noted. At least 12% of sexually active single people report never using contraception. Condoms were the preferred contraceptive method for males, 66.2% and females, 34.1%. 88.6% of the sexually active report they belong to a religion (93.9% Catholic). There is no relationship between religiosity and sexual activity, or religiosity and use of contraception. We conclude that contraceptive practices have remained stable over time with religious affiliation having no effect.
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