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Kelly, M; Bennett, D;O`Flynn, S; Dornan, T;
AMEE Annual Scientific Meeting Vienna
Clinical workplace learning environment- how to evaluate
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Background: There is a need for tools to measure the
quality of clinical learning environments. The Dundee
Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) is
widely used. Another tool, the Manchester Clinical
Placement Index (MCPI), with psychometric validity has
recently been proposed. Following the introduction of
a newly integrated curriculum, we evaluated the
clinical learning environment comparing these two

Summary of work: With research ethics approval, all
year 3 students (n=108) completed DREEM and MCPI at
the end clinical attachments. The response rate was 93
%. Statistical analysis was by one-way analysis of
variance, using SPSS 17.0.

Summary of results: Although the variance was
similar, the highest and lowest scoring placements
differed by 25% with MCPI and 15% with DREEM. Both
measures showed significant heterogeneity in the
quality of the seven clinical placements, but the ratio of
between-group to within-group variance was much
higher with MCPI than DREEM (MCPI: F=21; df=6;
p<0.001. DREEM: F=9; df=6; p<0.001).

Conclusions: MCPI, with eleven items, was better able
to discriminate between the quality of seven different
clinical workplace learning environments than DREEM,
a 50-item scale. MCPI had a more favourable `signal-tonoise¿

Take-home messages: We suggest MCPI should be
considered as a valid measure of clinical workplace
learning environments.