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Leyden, J., Stackhouse, J., & Szczerbinski, M.;
Child Language Teaching and Therapy
Implementing a whole school approach to support speech, language and communication: Perceptions of key staff
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The role of language for learning is core across the entire school curriculum. Thus, children with speech, language and communication needs are at risk of underachieving academically. Research reports and policy drivers advocate the need for a whole school approach (WSA) to enhance children┐s spoken language and communication skills, yet little is known about what it is like for schools to implement such a programme. Primary Talk is an example of a WSA, developed and piloted by the UK-based charity I CAN. This article presents an evaluation of what it was like for staff to implement a WSA in their schools. Head teachers and WSA coordinators from five schools were interviewed regarding the perceived benefits and challenges of implementing a WSA. Thematic analysis of the interview data indicated that the programme was worthwhile to implement and that it enhanced the use of visual support strategies and adult┐child directed speech. The respondents also identified a number of challenges while implementing the programme relating to time constraints and maintaining the WSA as high profile in the context of competing demands in their schools.
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