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Brooks, G., Burton, M., Cole, P., Szczerbinski, M.;
Effective learning and teaching of reading
The National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC).
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This was the largest study in Britain to date of the strategies used to teach reading in adult literacy classes (some classes were integrated ¿ with ICT and financial literacy for example), and the first attempt to correlate that evidence with measures of change in learners¿ reading attainment and attitudes to literacy. We observed and recorded (in writing) over 472 hours of teaching and learning. Our sample of learners is broadly representative of the national distribution, and the data gathered on 454 learners in 59 classes represents a wealth of information: about teaching and learning, effective and promising practices, and also areas where it is a priority for teachers and teacher trainers to engage in further training and development.

ISBN: 1905188307
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