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Scanlon S., Sousa-Gallagher M. J., Macedo I. S. M., Mahajan P. V. ;
40th Annual UCC Food Research Conference
Quality by Design for Packaging and Shelf Life Aspects of Toasted Breakfast Cereal
University College Cork, Ireland
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Quality by design considers product characteristics and process variables in order to define the optimum packaging for preventing quality deterioration and extending shelf¿life. Moisture content has been identified as a critical quality parameter for toasted breakfast cereal and relative humidity as the critical process variable. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of biodegradable packaging material, relative humidity and temperature on the quality and the shelf life of granola. Granola was packed considering an experimental design (23), using 2 commercial biodegradable materials (RGP, NK30), stored at 2 levels of relative humidity (RH) (75%, 90%), and 2 levels of temperature (23°C, 37°C); samples were collected at regular intervals and assessed for moisture content throughout the 50 days of storage as a measure of quality and shelf-life determination. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVA, Pareto and response charts to identify which factors have a significant influence on the moisture content of the product and evaluate shelf-life for the range of conditions considered. Packaging material, relative humidity and temperature, in decreasing order, all have a significant effect (p<0.05) on the moisture of the granola. It suggests that selection of packaging material is more important than the storage conditions. Moisture content of granola packaged in NK30 was above the critical level when stored at 90%RH therefore not suitable for granola however the same material could be used if RH is controlled at or below 75%RH. The best packaging/storage conditions were found to be with RGP material, 23°C temperature and 75%RH, yielding 5 months of shelf life of granola.