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Hartigan, I. McCarthy, G.;
British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing
Part 1: Goal Setting in Stroke Rehabilitation
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Goal setting, stroke, rehabilitation, meaningful goals
Stroke is a sudden neurological event. The effects of stroke vary and stroke survivors┐ inevitably encounter psychosocial challenges during the adjustment process. Rehabilitation requires a structured programme that considers the patient's personal goals and empowers the patient during the adjustment process. Published work suggests that goal setting approaches to rehabilitation achieve increased patient satisfaction and shorter inpatient stays. However, healthcare professionals have various interpretations of the concept of goal setting, and there are a varied number of methods for undertaking goal setting. The purpose of this paper is to present the evidence related to goal setting in stroke rehabilitation. Part-one of this two-part paper identifies frequently used goal setting tools and discusses the importance of patients┐ devised goals during stroke rehabilitation. Part two uncovers anomalies that healthcare professionals are challenged by during the process of goal setting and examines the opportunities the nurse can create to enhance the goal setting process.

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