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Cassimjee, N., & Murphy, R
African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance
Impulsive and rigid temperament subtypes and executive functioning: an exploratory study of temperament configurations and neuropsychological performance.
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The aim of the study is to explore the differences in executive performance profiles between second order temperament trait configurations comprised of levels of harm avoidance (HA) and novelty seeking (NS). The trait configurations yield the Impulsive temperament subtype (high NS and low HA) and the Rigid temperament subtype (high HA and low NS). From a sample of 420, participants were placed in the two apriori defined groups according to their categorisation on NS and HA. The Impulsive subtype (n = 121) and the Rigid subtype (n= 131) groups performance and reaction time scores on the computerised Abstract Reasoning and Executive Functioning battery (PennCNP) were compared.

African journal for physical, health education
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