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Budka, H. and Hainfellner, J. A. and Jellinger, K. and Kleinert, R. and Maier, H. and Pilz, P. and Sciot, R. and Martin, J. J. and BojsenMoller, M. and Laursen, H. and StTeglbjaerg, P. and Haltia, M. and Kovanen, J. and Delisle, M. B. and Dormont, D. and Lasmezas, C. and Gray, F. and Hauw, J. J. and Seilhean, D. and Heldt, N. and Mikol, J. and Vital, C. and Foncin, J. F. and ElHachimi, K. and Kopp, N. and Bergmann, M. and Bilzer, T. and CervosNavarro, J. and Diringer, H. and Feiden, W. and Goebel, H. H. and Bohl, J. and Gullotta, F. and Jendroska, K. and Kretzschmar, H. A. and Linke, R. P. and Meyermann, R. and Boellaard, J. W. and Mehraein, P. and Schlote, W. and Schroder, J. M. and Schroder, R. and Volk, B. and Walter, G. F. and Hori, A. and Wiestler, O. D. and Balloyannis, S. J. and Dav
Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology
The human prion diseases: from neuropathology to pathobiology and molecular genetics - Final report of an EU Concerted Action
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