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O'Toole O, Lefter S, McNamara B
Irish Medical Journal
EEG use in a tertiary referral centre.
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The aim of this study was to retrospectively audit all electroencephalograms (EEGs) done over a 2-month period in 2009 by the Neurophysiology Department at Cork University Hospital. There were 316 EEGs performed in total, of which 176/316 (56%) were done within 24 hours of request. Out of 316 EEGs, 208 (66%) were considered 'appropriate' by SIGN and NICE guidelines; 79/208 (38%) had abnormal EEGs and 28 of these abnormal EEGs had epileptiform features. There were 108/316 (34%) 'inappropriate' requests for EEG; of these 15/108 (14%) were abnormal. Of the 67/316 (21%) patients who had EEGs requested based on a history of syncope/funny turns: none of these patients had epileptiform abnormalities on their EEGs. Our audit demonstrates that EEGs are inappropriately over-requested in our institution in particular for cases with reported 'funny turns' and syncope. The yield from EEGs in this cohort of patients was low as would be expected.
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