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Ryan AM, Ryan J, Wan-Ahmed M, Hardiman O, Farrell MA, McNamara B, Sweeney BJ
BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.)
Vacuolar leucoencephalopathy and pulvinar sign in association with coeliac disease.
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Several neurological disorders have been associated with coeliac disease, including epilepsy, ataxia and neuropathy. Here we report a rare case of white matter disease in a 55-year-old man with coeliac disease. He presented with anxiety, headache and left upper limb jerking. He subsequently developed epilepsy and brain MRI revealed diffuse white matter abnormality. He died 6 months after presentation due to status epilepticus and sepsis. Brain biopsy demonstrated vacuolar leucoencephalopathy with no evidence of vCJD. An extensive clinical screen excluded infectious, inflammatory and para-neoplastic causes for this condition. Coeliac disease may be causally associated with vacuolar leucoencephalopathy in this case.
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