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O'Sullivan, Laurie and Jiwan, Marvin A. and Daly, Trevor and O'Brien, Nora M. and Aherne, S. Aisling
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Bioaccessibility, Uptake, and Transport of Carotenoids from Peppers (Capsicum Spp.) Using the Coupled in Vitro Digestion and Human Intestinal Caco-2 Cell Model
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Spanish bell peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) and chili peppers sourced from Kenya and Turkey were analyzed for their carotenoid content, bioaccessibility, and bioavailability. The order of total carotenoid content in peppers and their respective micelles was red > green > yellow. In terms of cellular carotenoid transport as a percentage of original food and micelle content, the order was yellow peppers > green > red; however, the opposite trend was seen for the actual amount of total carotenoids transported by Caco-2 cells. Although lutein was generally the most abundant carotenoid in the micelles (496.3-1565.7 mu g 100 g(-1)), cellular uptake and transport of beta-carotene were the highest, 8.3-31.6 and 16.8-42.7%, respectively. Hence, the actual amount of carotenoids present in the original food and respective micelles seems to reflect the amount transported by Caco-2 cells. Therefore, color influenced the carotenoid profile, bioaccessibility, and bioavailability of carotenoids rather than pepper type.
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