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Shayesteh, M,Daunt, CLM,O'Connell, D,Djara, V,White, M,Long, B,Duffy, R
IEEE Transactions On Electron Devices
NiGe Contacts and Junction Architectures for P and As Doped Germanium Devices
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Contact resistance dopant activation germanium sheet resistance transfer length method (TLM) SCHOTTKY-BARRIER HEIGHT NICKEL GERMANIDE GE DOPANTS SB
In this paper, the contact resistivity of NiGe on n-doped Ge is extracted. Although phosphorus is the slowest n-type dopant in terms of diffusion in Ge, the corresponding contact resistivity data for this dopant are sparse. Contact resistivity dependence on implant dose will be determined, as well as a comparison of phosphorus-and arsenic-doped Ge layers. The impact of high contact resistance is evaluated for future technology n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor germanium devices.
DOI 10.1109/TED.2011.2164801
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