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Mandatory Fields
Sikora, Maeve; O'Donnabhain, Barra; Daly, Niamh
2011 November
Medieval Dublin XI
Preliminary report on a Viking warrior grave at War Memorial Park, Islandbridge
Four Courts Press
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The discovery of a Viking sword and spearhead was reported to the National
Museum of Ireland in 2007. The artefacts were found accidentally when a
trench for electrical cables was being dug at the War Memorial Park in
Islandbridge, Dublin. A rescue excavation was undertaken in order to recover
any other artefacts that may have been damaged during the ground works. A
disturbed inhumation and three copper-alloy objects were found in the course
of the excavation. This report is a preliminary summary of the findings of the
excavation. It is suggested that the finds together represent the grave of a
Scandinavian warrior. The results of isotope analysis on teeth found during the
excavation are also presented.
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