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Fourie, R; Crowley, N; Oliviera, A
Topics in Language Disorders
A Qualitative Exploration of Therapeutic Relationships from the Perspective of Six Children Receiving Speech-Language Therapy
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bonds children phenomenology therapeutic relationship qualitative research speech and language therapy

Although some studies have explored the adult therapeutic relationship in speech–language pathology, few, if any, have examined it with regard to children. This study aimed to explore the therapeutic relationship in pediatric speech and language therapy, focusing on the child’s experience. Accordingly, the study was qualitative and involved the interpretive phenomenological analysis of 6 semistructured interviews with children, aged 5 to 12 years, attending for speech–language therapy. The children described their experiences of therapy, which included the following themes: “the SLP as source of play and fun,” “power differentials,” "trust,” “routines and rituals,” “role confusion,” and “the physical characteristics of the speech–language pathologist.” Some children did not understand the therapist’s role or the purpose of speech–language therapy. The role of each stakeholder in therapy should be made explicit to the other in order to achieve a therapeutic bond through which the goals and tasks of therapy can be achieved. Key words: bonds, children, phenomenology, play, therapeutic relationship, qualitative research

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