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Ylanne, J.,Scheffzek, K.,Young, P.,Saraste, M.;
Crystal Structure of the alpha-Actinin Rod Reveals an Extensive Torsional Twist
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Background: alpha-Actinin is a ubiquitously expressed protein found in numerous actin structures. It consists of an N-terminal actin binding domain, a central rod domain, and a C-terminal domain and functions as a homodimer to cross-link actin filaments. The rod domain determines the distance between cross-linked actin filaments and also serves as an interaction site for several cytoskeletal and signaling proteins.Results: We report here the crystal structure of the alpha- actinin rod. The structure is a twisted antiparallel dimer that contains a conserved acidic surface.Conclusions: The novel features revealed by the structure allow prediction of the orientation of parallel and antiparallel cross-linked actin filaments in relation to alpha-actinin. The conserved acidic surface is a possible interaction site for several cytoplasmic tails of transmembrane proteins involved in the recruitment of alpha-actinin to the plasma membrane.
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