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Allen, E. M.,Matthews, J. B.,O'Connor, R.,O'Halloran, D.,Chapple, I. L.;
Periodontitis and type 2 diabetes: is oxidative stress the mechanistic link?
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Periodontitis is a common, chronic inflammatory disease initiated by bacteria which has an increased prevalence and severity in patients with type 2 diabetes. Recent studies indicate that the co-morbid presence of periodontitis can, in turn, adversely affect diabetic status and the treatment of periodontitis can lead to improved metabolic control in diabetes patients. Current evidence points to a bidirectional interrelationship between diabetes and inflammatory periodontitis. The importance of oxidative stress-inflammatory pathways in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and periodontitis has recently received attention. Given the bidirectional relationship between these two conditions, this review discusses the potential synergistic interactions along the oxidative stress-inflammation axis common to both type 2 diabetes and periodontitis, and the implications of this relationship for diabetic patients.
36-9330 (Print)
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