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Whitehill, T., Ma, J. K-Y. and Lee, A. S-Y.;
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics
Perceptual characteristics of Cantonese hypokinetic dysarthria
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dysarthria Parkinson disease perceptual Cantonese
The aims of this study were to provide a perceptual speech ‘profile’ for Cantonese speakers with hypokinetic dysarthria, to examine the reliability of non-expert listeners in perceptual judgements of dysarthric speech, and to investigate cross-language differences in profiles of hypokinetic dysarthria. Participants included 19 speakers with Parkinson’s disease and 10 speech-language pathologists who served as listeners. Listeners rated 21 speech dimensions, using seven-point interval scales. Mean intralistener agreement was 94.52% and mean interlistener reliability was 0.88 (Cronbach’s alpha). Mean scale values (MSV) for each dimension ranged from 3.37 to 1.36. The perceptual profile of Cantonese hypokinetic dysarthria was largely similar to profiles for English and Japanese speakers; notable differences are discussed. Possible reasons for the relatively high reliability obtained are presented.
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