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Phelan, R.; Holmes, J. D.; Pekov, N.
Journal of Microscopy
Application of serial sectioning FIB/SEM tomography in the comprehensive analysis of arrays of metal nanotubes
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Herein, we employ a serial sectioning technique on a dual beam FIB followed by 3D volume reconstruction for comprehensive analysis of tubular metal nanostructures encapsulated within porous anodic alumina. Using this technique, we demonstrate a nano-tomography characterisation protocol that can be used for analysis of nanoporous structures with emphasis on their channel uniformity and orientation. We demonstrate that high-resolution nano-tomography can be performed to visualise pores as small as 60 nm in diameter, with conical or globular shapes, and to quantitatively estimate their localisation and distribution along one-dimensional metal structures. We specifically chose to examine Cu-nanotubes, deposited electrochemically within anodic alumina template, because there is a great deal of debate regarding the deposition process. Hence, the comprehensive analysis shown here is not only demonstrating the applicability of the developed characterisation methodology but it is also, in conjunction

with other advanced electron microscopy methods such

as elemental nano-scale STEM/EDX mapping, providing

conclusive evidence of the key factors at play during the

deposition process.
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