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Manfred Schewe
The Artist and Education: Diversity and Justice
A conference for key stakeholders in Arts Education in India and abroad - artists, teachers, educationalists, policy makers, donors and organizations interested in issues related to diversity and social justice.
National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore
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I was invited to participate in a week-long Arts Education Seminar cum Conference (Jan 30th - Feb 4th, 2012).
Excerpt from Conference Announcement:
"The 3rd IFA/GI-MMB Conference on Arts Education builds on the previous two in 2009 and 2010, remaining faithful to the momentum of Kali-Kalisu, which derives from Arts Education initiatives at grassroots levels in school contexts. It will equally hope to catalyse conversations with broader Indian and international Arts Education activist communities that are engaged in the continual dialogue of global and local realities, ideas, theories and practices. These conferences are the annual highlight of the 3-year project executed by IFA and sponsored by the Goethe-Institut under its Culture and Development initiative."

India Foundation for the Arts