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Denis Linehan & Anna Ryan
Understanding public spaces: exploring methods
Shore: emotional geographies and photo-voice methodologies
University of Limerick
Invited Lectures (Conference)
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Recent work in cultural geography, and in particular that element based in non-representational theory, has re-imagined how place can be interpreted.  In terms of public space, there is a growing interest in theorising the modalities of emotion, affect and feeling. This presentation will first address the philosophical background this shift in thinking about people and spatiality and secondly explore the possibilities of this approach through an exploration of the spaces of the shore.  Here boundaries are fluid and shifting. Perspective is fluid. The coast is stimulant. Activities become discoveries. Spaces become memories. The boundaries of the imagination, the known and the unknown, are revealed. This physical and cultural ground, this edge, becomes process. By walking, playing and being, distinctive relationships are forged between people and coast. Illustrating the value of photo-voice methodologies, the presentation will explore the ways of sensing the conditionality of these relationships in sensorium of the shore.