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Ma, Ji; Murphy, David; Hayes, Michael; Ó Mathúna, S. Cian; Provan, Gregory
The 29th conference of theory and practice of computer graphics
Model and visualise the relationship between energy consumption and temperature distribution in cold rooms
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Wireless sensor networks Computational fluid dynamics Cold storage Computer simulation
Carr, H. & Grimstead, I.
Warwick, England
In the area of food and pharmacy cold storage, temperature distribution is considered as a key factor. Inappropriate
distribution of temperature during the cooling process in cold rooms will cause the deterioration of the quality
of products and therefore shorten their life-span. In practice, in order to maintain the distribution of temperature
at an appropriate level, large amount of electrical energy has to be consumed to cool down the volume of space,
based on the reading of a single temperature sensor placed in every cold room. However, it is not clear and visible
that what is the change of energy consumption and temperature distribution over time. It lacks of effective tools
to visualise such a phenomenon. In this poster, we initially present a solution which combines a visualisation tool
with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model together to enable users to explore such phenomenon.
Grant Details
Science Foundation Ireland
Science Foundation Ireland (CSET - Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology, grant 07/CE/I1147)