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O’Flynn, Brendan; Boyle, David; Popovici, Emanuel M.; Magno, Michele; Petrioli, C.
35th International Conference of IMAPS - CPMT IEEE Poland
GENESI: Wireless sensor networks for structural monitoring
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Structural health monitoring Green wireless sensor networks Green energy sources
Gdansk-Sobieszewo, Poland
The GENESI project has the ambitious goal of bringing WSN technology to the level where it can
provide the core of the next generation of systems for structural health monitoring that are long lasting,
pervasive and totally distributed and autonomous. This goal requires embracing engineering and scientific
challenges never successfully tackled before. Sensor nodes will be redesigned to overcome their current
limitations, especially concerning energy storage and provisioning (we need devices with virtually infinite
lifetime) and resilience to faults and interferences (for reliability and robustness). New software and protocols
will be defined to fully take advantage of the new hardware, providing new paradigms for cross-layer interaction
at all layers of the protocol stack and satisfying the requirements of a new concept of Quality of Service (QoS)
that is application-driven, truly reflecting the end user perspective and expectations.
The GENESI project will develop long lasting sensor nodes by combining cutting edge technologies for energy
generation from the environment (energy harvesting) and green energy supply (small form factor fuel cells);
GENESI will define models for energy harvesting, energy conservation in super-capacitors and supplemental
energy availability through fuel cells, in addition to the design of new algorithms and protocols for dynamic
allocation of sensing and communication tasks to the sensors. The project team will design communication
protocols for large scale heterogeneous wireless sensor/actuator networks with energy-harvesting capabilities
and define distributed mechanisms for context assessment and situation awareness.
This paper presents an analysis of the GENESI system requirements in order to achieve the ambitious goals of
the project. Extending from the requirements presented, the emergent system specification is discussed with
respect to the selection and integration of relevant system components.The resulting integrated system will be
evaluated and characterised to ensure that it is capable of satisfying the functional requirements of the project
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Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Science Foundation Ireland (CSET - Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology, grant 07/CE/I1147); European Commission (GENESI); Higher Education Authority (National Access Programme)