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Jacinta McKeon
Education Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference. Educational Research in a Time of Transformation: Insights,Influences and Impacts. University College Cork, Cork.
A two year Postgraduate Diploma in Education: an Opportunity for Transformational Change or more of the same in Initial Teacher Education.
University College Cork and River Lee Hotel, Cork, Ireland
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Drawing on educational research including the LETs project*,  experience working as  a teacher educator in University College Cork (11 years)  and as a  second level teacher (15 years in Irish  schools and 18 months working in German schools), the strengths and weaknesses of the present Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDE)   one year ITE programme will be analysed from the perspective of a teacher /teacher educator.   With the proposed extension of the PDE to a two year programme an opportunity to address the weaknesses of the present PDE programmes  presents  itself  to teacher educators.    Key issues include student placement and  relationships with schools,  structuring university-based and school-based  engagement, integrating various disciplinary perspectives,  building opportunities for collaboration among student teachers and  developing in student teachers innovative practice.   ITE programmes  may be a source of transformational thinking and practice if the key players have a well-informed pedagogical vision for the future.  What might this vision be for the new two year PDE programme?  With a view to imagining  new possibilities,  communities of practice and  professional  identities,  a possible way forward will be presented highlighting developments in the key areas mentioned above.