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Ma, J., Murphy, D., O'Mathuna, C., Hayes, M., and Provan, G.
4th International Conference on Computer Research and Development (ICCRD 2012)
Uncertainty Visualization for Multi-resolution Volume Data with Regular Grids Using Volume Ray Casting-based Iso-surface Rendering
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Visualization Uncertainty Multi-resolution Volume Rendering Graphics
Chengdu, China

With the continuous growth of computer hardware and software performance, and the increasing advance of high-speed bandwidth of computer networking, data acquired from complex simulation, experiment and internet continues to increase and outpace hardware advantages. Visualization and analysis of such large size of data sets remains a significant challenge to the visualization community. Over the past years, various data reduction techniques that deal with large data sets have been proposed to solve the problem. However, these proposed data reduction techniques lead to another issue with regard to integrity of the data. In this paper we address this issue by presenting two new uncertainty visualization methods using volume ray casting-based iso-surface rendering. We apply them to the multi-resolution (MR) data sets from the medical domain to visualize both the data and error information. The results have proved that our methods are promising.

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