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Murray PG, Millett DT, Cronin M
Journal of Orthodontics
Bonded molar tubes: a survey of their use by specialist orthodontists.
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Objective: To investigate the use of bonded molar tubes (BMTs) by specialist orthodontists.

Design: Prospective postal questionnaire.

Setting: Ireland.

Participants: Registered members of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland.

Method: A questionnaire was posted to registered members of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland. It investigated

demographics, pattern of use, reasons for use and techniques for placement of BMTs.

Results: A 74% response rate was obtained. In more than 80% of cases, BMTs were used on first and second permanent molars

by 52% and 33% of orthodontists respectively. BMT usage was adopted by 97% of respondents in the previous decade. Direct

bonding was used by all for BMT placement. Etch times for molars, compared to other teeth, increased from 15 to 30 seconds

by 51% of orthodontists. Of the respondents, 97% used light-cured adhesives and 17% used self-etching primers. Molar tube

holders were preferred by 54% for placement. Only with a history of epilepsy, were bands preferred to BMTs. BMTs were

regarded as more cost-effective than molar bands by 66% of responding clinicians.

Conclusions: Specialist orthodontists preferred BMTs to bands on first permenent molars. Direct bonding was favoured using

a 30-second etch, a light-cured primer and adhesive with specialized molar tube holders. BMTs were perceived to be more costeffective

than molar bands.

Key words: Bonded molar tubes, clinical orthodontics, specialist survey

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