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O'Halloran, J., Smiddy, P., O'Mahony, B.
Ringing and Migration
Movements of dippers cinclus cinclus in southwest Ireland
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Totals of 1,833 nestling and 478 full grown Dippers Cinclus cinclus were ringed in southwest Ireland between 1989 and 1998. Three of these birds were reported by the public and we recaptured 373 individuals. Of these, 151 (40%) had moved from the ringing site on recapture or when found dead. Juvenile dispersal began in June. Birds ringed as nestlings moved the greatest distances (mean 6.7km) while those ringed as adults moved least. There was strong fidelity to breeding sites by adults of both sexes. Females (mean 7.47km) moved greater distances than males (mean 4.69km). Females ringed as nestlings accounted for 63.6% of movements over 5km, while only 31.2% of males ringed as nestlings travelled more than this distance. Females were more likely to cross watersheds than males. A greater proportion of birds travelled more than 5km than reported in other studies.
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