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Bourke, Jane; Bradley, Colin
Irish Medical Journal
Factors associated with staffing provision and medical equipment acquisition in Irish general practice
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Staffing Medical equipment Irish general practice
GPs form an integral part of Irish primary care provision. However, current information concerning general practice structure, staffing and development in Ireland is quite limited. This report provides a profile of General Practice in Ireland in 2010 drawing on a national survey of practices using a standardised questionnaire. On average, there are 2.7 GPs per practice, although one in four practices remains single-handed. The majority of practices employ nursing 485(80.7%) and clerical 549(91.3%) support. A high proportion of practices have the following items of equipment: ECG machine 496(82.5%), 24 hour blood pressure monitor 481(80.1%), spirometer 383(63.8%), cryotherapy equipment 505(84%), minor surgery equipment 453(74.3%) and foetal monitor 484(80.5%). Using chi-square analysis, we find statistically significant positive relationships between nursing support and possession of each of the six items of medical equipment (X 2 = 81.57, p<0.01).
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