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Catherine Sweeney, Gerardine Lynch, Marie Murphy, Tony O’Brien
19th Annual International Moving Points in Palliative Care Conference
The use of a “Minute Paper” to assess a Special Study Module in Palliative Care
Dublin, Ireland
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Background: Medical students in University College Cork select optional 5 credit special study modules (SSM). A module entitled Fundamentals of Palliative Medicine was designed and offered to 3rd year medical students. The aim was that students would develop fundamental knowledge, attitude and skills required in the area of palliative medicine.

Objectives: To use a simple classroom assessment technique to assess the educational impact of the SSM and to improve the module for future years.

Methods: At the penultimate session of the SSM students anonymously completed a “Minute Paper” containing 2 questions:

1.     What is the most important thing you have learned so far?

2.     What is still confusing or unclear for you?

Responses were thematically analysed. . Unclear areas were reviewed with the students at the final SSM session.

Results: Eighteen students completed the paper. Areas reported as being well-understood included increased understanding of palliative care, total pain, holistic individualized care of patient and family, multidisciplinary teamwork, breaking bad news, the need for early referral and self care. Unclear areas included aspects of pharmacological symptom management, maintenance of professionalism, career pathways in palliative medicine, lack of fact-to-face contact with a patient.