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Grace, A.
European Conference of Information Management and Evaluation,
Activity Theory: A Useful Evaluation Methodology for the Role of Information Systems in Collaborative Activity,
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Activity Theory Collaboration Information Systems Collaborative Activity
University College Cork.

The way in which information systems are used in organisations has evolved over time. While they were initially used primarily for information processing and for supporting company centric efficiencies, they are now extensively used to share information and to support collaboration both internally within an organization and with external customers, suppliers and partners. While much IS research heretofore has concentrated on how information systems facilitate information processing and the decision making of individuals in an organisation, there is a growing need within organisations to analyse and understand how information systems facilitate both internal and external information sharing and collaboration. This paper provides an overview of activity theory and argues that this theory provides a holistic and insightful evaluation methodology which will allow researchers to investigate how collaboration is achieved through all elements of IS (people, process, technology). The key characteristics of activity theory that underpin its suitability for researching collaboration through IS  are outlined. Finally, a specific example of  future research using this theory is described.
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