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Walsh, AJ,O'Dowd, JA,Bessler, VM,Shi, K,Smyth, F,Dailey, JM,Kelleher, B,Barry, LP,Ellis, AD
Optics Letters
Characterization of time-resolved laser differential phase using 3D complementary cumulative distribution functions
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An experimental method for characterizing the time-resolved phase noise of a fast switching tunable laser is discussed. The method experimentally determines a complementary cumulative distribution function of the laser's differential phase as a function of time after a switching event. A time resolved bit error rate of differential quadrature phase shift keying formatted data, calculated using the phase noise measurements, was fitted to an experimental time-resolved bit error rate measurement using a field programmable gate array, finding a good agreement between the time-resolved bit error rates. (C) 2012 Optical Society of America
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