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Huppertz, T,Smiddy, MA,Kelly, AL,Goff, HD
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech
High pressure processing for better ice cream
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high pressure ice cream casein micelle mouthfeel microstructure BOVINE-MILK WHEY DENATURATION PROTEINS CASEIN
Milk proteins play a crucial role in many food products, including ice cream. In this aerated frozen emulsion, milk proteins are crucial in the emulsification of the fat, the stabilization of air bubbles and the structuring of the continuous phase throughout which air bubbles and ice crystals are dispersed. When ice cream mixes are subjected to treatment by high pressure processing (HPP) prior to freezing, the casein micelles in milk are disrupted. As a result, the viscosity of the ice cream mix is increased strongly and ice cream free of stabilizer can be produced, without compromising on the stability and mouth feel of the product. Structuring of milk proteins in ice cream by HPP or other means thus offers opportunities for the replacement of fat and stabilizers in ice cream without compromising on hedonic quality parameters.
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