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Hodnett, P,Moore, M,Kinsella, S,Kelly, D,Plant, WD,Maher, MM
Australasian radiology
Radiological features of progressive tumoral calcinosis in chronic renal failure
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CT dialysis MRI tumoral calcinosis HEMODIALYSIS-PATIENTS
We present the case of a young adult patient with chronic renal failure who developed painful subcutaneous nodules after failed renal transplant and recommencing dialysis. These nodules were juxta-articular in location and initially located over both shoulders. Radiological evaluation suggested tumoral calcinosis. The patient was placed on a strict dialysis and dietary regimen but was suboptimally compliant with same. The patient developed progressive disease with an increase in size and number of juxta-articular calcified soft-tissue masses. However, 6 months following a second renal transplant clinical and radiological follow up demonstrated marked resolution both in symptomatology and radiographic findings. We present the plain radiographic, CT and MRI findings which demonstrate the typical radiological features of tumoral calcinosis. We correlate these findings with clinical course and histological findings following surgical excision of one of these masses.
DOI 10.1111/j.1440-1673.2007.01788.x
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