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McEnery, M.,Tan, A. M.,Alderman, J.,Patterson, J.,O'Mathuna, S. C.,Glennon, J. D.;
Liquid chromatography on-chip: progression towards a mu-total analysis system. Analyst
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After a brief introduction to the area of miniaturised analytical separation systems, this paper details the fabrication of components for a miniaturised liquid chromatography system. To date, inlet and outlet connection ports, separation mu-channels (20-200 mu m in width, 0.5-10 mu m in depth, 15-50 cm in length), and an intersection for picolitre injection have been etched on a silicon wafer and then sealed with a Pyrex cover plate on which platinum electrodes for on-chip detection have been machined. In addition the mu-channel walls have been chemically modified with n-octyltriethoxysilane and the reverse phase retention of the drug caffeine was observed using off-chip injection (20 nl) and UV detection (3 nl flow cell). The on-chip platinum electrodes have been used for the amperometric detection of phenol. In addition, using external valving, initial results indicated a successful mode for a partially integrated on-chip injector which should allow further progression towards a mu-chromatographic analysis system.
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