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Volkos, SN,Bernardinia, S,Rigopoulos, N,Efthymiou, ES,Hawkins, ID,Hamilton, B,Dobaczewski, L,Hall, S,Hurley, PK,Delabie, A,Peaker, AR
Extrinsic stacking fault generation related to high-k dielectric growth on a Si substrate
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high-k dielectrics stacking faults Frank partial dislocations defects hafnium silicon PL DLTS selective etch METALLIC IMPURITIES SILICON DEFECTS DISLOCATIONS BREAKDOWN BEHAVIOR TRAPS
We report extrinsic stacking fault generation at the Si surface of samples with HfAlxOy and HfO2 high-k dielectrics grown by MOCVD at 500 and 350 degrees C respectively and discuss its origin. As opposed to a recent assertion [Kim and Yong, J. Appl. Phys. 100 (2006) 044106] ascribing the formation of dislocations in a HfSixOy-Si system prepared by ALD at 300 degrees C to diffusion of Hf atoms during film growth into the Si substrate, we found no such evidence for samples whose Si substrate was ALD-covered with HfO2 and HfSixOy dielectrics at a comparable temperature to the above ALD and MOCVD cases.
DOI 10.1016/j.mee.2007.04.047
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