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Schmidt, M,Lemme, MC,Kurz, H,Witters, T,Schram, T,Cherkaoui, K,Negara, A,Hurley, PK
Impact of H-2/N-2 annealing on interface defect densities in Si(100)/SiO2/HfO2/TiN gate stacks
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high dielectric constant thin films Si(100)/SiO2/HfO2/TiN gate stacks interface states forming gas annealing CENTERS STATES TRAPS
This paper reports on the influence of forming gas annealing (5%H-2/95%N-2) over the temperature range 350 degrees C-550 degrees C on the density of electrically active interface states in Si(100)/SiO2/HfO2/TiN gate stacks. Prior to forming gas annealing the distribution of interface states across the energy gap exhibits the electrical signature of the P-b0 dangling bond centre for the hydrogen free Si(100)/SiO2 interface. Forming gas annealing at 350 degrees C and 400 degrees C results in a reduction of the interface state density, with an increase in interface state density for forming gas anneals in the range 450 degrees C-550 degrees C. The effect of the cooling ambient for the forming gas anneal (N-2 or H-2/N-2) is also reported.
DOI 10.1016/j.mee.2005.04.023
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