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MacSweeney, D,McCarthy, KG,Floyd, L,Duane, R,Hurley, P,Power, JA,Kelly, SC,Mathewson, A
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
Improving the accuracy and efficiency of junction capacitance characterization: Strategies for probing configuration and data set size
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bipolar and BiCNIOS processes bipolar transistors capacitance measurement parameter estimation DESIGN
In this paper, the on-wafer measurement of junction depletion capacitance is examined This work provides-an in-depth discussion of possible probing configurations which can be used. It outlines a method to consistently measure. the junction capacitances accurately. The results from this method compare favorably with those extracted using S-parameter measurements. Additionally, methods are formulated to reduce the number of data points required for parameter extraction while at the same time maintaining a high model accuracy.
DOI 10.1109/TSM.2003.811577
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