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Kruger, J,Singh, K,O'Neill, A,Jackson, C,Morrison, A,O'Brien, P
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
Development of a microfluidic device for fluorescence activated cell sorting
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This paper describes the development towards a miniaturized analytical system that can perform the major key functions of a flow cytometer. The development aims at diagnostic applications for cell counting and sorting with the ultimate goal of a low-cost portable instrument for point of Care diagnosis. The present systems configuration consists of a disposable microfluidic device, that enables injection, single file cell flow through a miniaturized laser induced fluorescence detection system as well as sorting of identified samples. The microfluidic devices were fabricated by means of rapid prototyping technologies based on thick film photo-polymers. This paper reports various approaches on cell sorting and demonstrates sorting of single cells by means of an off-chip valve switching technique. The miniaturized fluorescence detection system employs active and passive micro-optical components, including semiconductor laser and ultra bright LED sources, highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes as well as micro-prism, holographic diffraction gratings and Fibre optics for transmission and collection of light. Furthermore we demonstrate the feasibility of integrating solid-state components as part of an on-chip detection system.
PII S0960-1317(02)32534-8
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