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O'Neill, AP,O'Brien, P,Alderman, J,Hoffman, D,McEnery, M,Murrihy, J,Glennon, JD
Journal of chromatography. A
On-chip definition of picolitre sample injection plugs for miniaturised liquid chromatography
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injection methods chip technology instrumentation SILICON CHIP
The fabrication of components for a miniaturised liquid chromatography system on silicon has recently been reported by our research group [J. Cap. Electrophoresis Microchip Technol. 6 (1999) 33; Analyst 125 (2000) 25]. To date, inlet and outlet connection ports, separation micro-channels (20-200 mum in width, 0.5-10 mum in depth, 15-60 mum in length), and an intersection for picolitre injection have been etched on a silicon wafer and then sealed with a Pyrex cover plate on which platinum electrodes for on-chip detection have been patterned. The platinum electrodes have been used for the amperometric detection of phenol, using 20 nl off-chip injection. In this work we present our latest results obtained with on-chip pressure driven picolitre injection, designed to realize the full capabilities of this micro-LC system. The injection volume is dependent on the micro-channel depth, width, and also on the intersection length, allowing injection in the low nanolitre to picolitre range. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science BV All rights reserved.
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