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Rahme, K.; Nolan. M. T.; Doody, T.; McGlacken, P.; O’Driscoll, C.; Holmes, J. D.
Highly stable PEGylated gold nanoparticles in water: applications in biology and catalysis
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Gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) with diameters ranging between 5-60 nm have been synthesised in water, and further stabilized with polyethylene glycol-based thiol polymers (mPEG-SH). Successful PEGylation of the Au NPs was confirmed by Dynamic Light scattering (DLS) and Zeta potential measurements. PEG coating of the Au NPs is the key of their colloidal stabilty, and its succecssful applications. Catalytic efficiency testing of the PEG-AuNPs were carried out on homocoupling of boronic acid. PEG-Au NPs with AuNps diameter < 30 nm were useful as catalyst in water. Finally, the PEG-Au NPs were also shown to be stable in biological fluid and not cytotoxic on B16.F10 cell line, making them attractive for further studies.
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