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Dalla Volta, A. and Vvedensky, D. D. and Gogneau, N. and Pelucchi, E. and Rudra, A. and Dwir, B. and Kapon, E. and Ratsch, C.
Applied Physics Letters
Step ordering induced by nonplanar patterning of GaAs surfaces
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We report the observation and theory of the morphological evolution of vicinal (001) ridges on V-grooved GaAs surfaces during metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy. The pattern of the nonplanar substrate induces unusual ordering of monatomic steps, different from the free step flow observed on a nonpatterned vicinal surface. The step edges develop profiles that kinetic Monte Carlo simulations reveal are determined by the width of the ridges between neighboring V grooves and the kinetics of interfacet mass migration between the ridge and the bounding sidewalls of the V groove.
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