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Mereni, L. O. and Dimastrodonato, V. and Juska, G. and Pelucchi, E.
Superlattices And Microstructures
Physical properties of highly uniform InGaAs pyramidal quantum dots with GaAs barriers: Fine structure splitting in pre-patterned substrates
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InGaAs Quantum Dots embedded in GaAs barriers, grown in inverted tetrahedral recesses of similar to 7 mu m edge, have showed interesting characteristics in terms of uniformity and spectral narrowness of the emission. In this paper we present a study on the fine structure splitting (FSS). The investigation of about 40 single quantum dots revealed two main points: (1) the values of this parameter are very similar from dot to dot, proving again the uniformity of Pyramidal QD properties, (2) there is a little chance, in the sample investigated, to find a dot with natural zero splitting, but the values found (the mean being similar to 13 mu eV) should always guarantee the capability of restoring the degeneracy with some corrective technique (e.g. application of a small magnetic field). (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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