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Rubini, S. and Bonanni, B. and Pelucchi, E. and Franciosi, A. and Garulli, A. and Parisini, A. and Zhuang, Y. and Bauer, G. and Holy, V.
ZnSe/CdTe/ZnSe heterostructures
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Epitaxial ZnSe/CdTe/ZnSe heterostructures were successfully fabricated by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs(001) wafers despite the large in-plane lattice mismatch (14.3%) between the two II-VI materials. X-ray reciprocal space maps and selected area diffraction results indicate single-phase, (111)-oriented growth of CdTe onto the lower ZnSe(001) cladding layer, and single-phase, (111)-oriented growth of the topmost ZnSe layer, with a small inhomogeneous residual strain within the CdTe layer. Cross-sectional transmission electron micrographs reveal a distribution of rotational microtwins within the (111)-oriented layers near each interface. The low-temperature near-band-edge photoluminescence from the CdTe layer is free-exciton related, and exhibits a linewidth of only 5-6 meV. (C) 2000 American Vacuum Society. [S0734-211X(00)05904-7].
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