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Rubini, S. and Milocco, E. and Sorba, L. and Pelucchi, E. and Franciosi, A. and Garulli, A. and Parisini, A. and Zhuang, Y. and Bauer, G.
Physical Review B
Structural and electronic properties of ZnSe/AlAs heterostructures
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Pseudomorphic ZnSe/AlAs(001) heterostructures were fabricated by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs wafers. Intrinsic stacking faults on 111 planes originating at the II-VI/III-V interface and propagating throughout the II-VI overlayer were the main type of native defects observed. The interface termination was varied by adsorption of Zn or Se onto the AlAs(001) 3 X 1 surface prior to ZnSe growth. The resulting large changes in interface composition and band discontinuities mirror those obtained by employing Zn- or Se-rich growth conditions in the early stages of heterojunction fabrication. Band offsets calculated from first principles for ZnSe/GaAs, when rescaled by the different magnitude of the electrostatic interface dipole, yield a range of predictions in good agreement with experiment fur ZnSe/AlAs.
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