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Gomeniuk, Y.Y.a and Gomeniuk, Y.V.a and Nazarov, A.N.a and Hurley, P.K.b and Cherkaoui, K.b and Monaghan, S.b and Hellström, P.-E.c and Gottlob, H.D.B.d and Schubert, J.e and Lopes, J.M.J.e
Advanced Materials Research
Electrical properties of high-k LaLuO 3 gate oxide for SOI MOSFETs
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The paper presents the results of electrical characterization of MOS capacitors and SOI MOSFETs with novel high-? LaLuO 3 dielectric as a gate oxide. The energy distribution of interface state density at LaLuO 3/Si interface is presented and typical maxima of 1.2×10 11 eV -1cm -2 was found at about 0.25 eV from the silicon valence band. The output and transfer characteristics of the n- and p-MOSFET (channel length and width were 1 μm and 50 μm, respectively) are presented. The front channel mobility appeared to be 126 cm 2V -1s -1 and 70 cm 2V -1s -1 for n- and p-MOSFET, respectively. The front channel threshold voltages as well as the density of states at the back interface are presented. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
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