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Miranda, E. , O'Connor, E. , Hughes, G. , Casey, P. , Cherkaoui, K. , Monaghan, S. , Long, R. , O'Connell, D. , Hurley, P.K.
IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings 2009, art. no. 5173330
Soft breakdown in MgO dielectric layers
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Breakdown High-k MgO
In this work, we report on the occurrence of the soft breakdown (SBD) failure mode in 20nm-thick films of magnesium oxide (MgO) grown on Si substrates. To our knowledge, this is the first observation of this failure mechanism in a high-κ gate dielectric with such a large oxide thickness. We show that the I-V characteristics follow the power-law dependence typical of SBD conduction in a wider voltage range than that reported for SiO2. We pay special attention to the relationship between the magnitude of the current and the normalized differential conductance, and analyze the role played by the injection polarity and substrate type.
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