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Catherine Sweeney1,2, Gerardine Lynch1, Ali Khashan2, Marie Murphy1,2, Tony O’Brien1,2
“My understanding of the role of a doctor has been seriously reshaped”: The Impact of an Undergraduate Special Study Module in Palliative Medicine
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Background: The need for undergraduate medical education in palliative care has been highlighted by several key organizations. An optional 5-credit special study module entitled Fundamentals of Palliative Medicine was designed and offered to 3rd year medical students.

Aim: To assess impact of the SSM in terms of qualitative and quantitative measures, and inform further development of the module.

Methods: Students completed The Self-Efficacy in Palliative Care and Thanatophobia Scale at the first and final sessions. Students also completed a Minute Paper at the penultimate session.

Results: Twenty four of one hundred and fifty five (15%) eligible students chose the module. Statistically significant differences were seen in pre and post scores in the 3 areas covered by the Self-Efficacy in Palliative Care (communication p <0.0001, patient management p = 0.0002 and teamwork p = 0.03). No significant difference was found in Thanatophobia Scale scores. Areas reported as being well understood on the Minute Paper included illness in the context of the individual patient and their family, spiritual suffering/total pain, the role of the doctor, teamwork, the importance of palliative care earlier in the disease trajectory and communication issues.

Conclusions: The module was a popular choice and well recieved by students and had a significant educational impact

University College Cork