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Croker, Denise M.; Foreman, Michael E.; Hogan, Bridget N.; Maguire, Nuala M.; Elcoate, Curtis J.; Hodnett, Benjamin K.; Maguire, Anita R.; Rasmuson, Ake C.; Lawrence, Simon E.
Crystal Growth & Design
Understanding the p-Toluenesulfonamide/Triphenylphosphine Oxide Crystal Chemistry: A New 1:1 Cocrystal and Ternary Phase Diagram
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A 1:1 cocrystal between p-toluenesulfonamide and triphenylphosphine oxide has been prepd. and structurally characterized.  The cocrystal formed during solid state grinding, with subsequent formation of a previously known 3:2 cocrystal in the presence of excess sulfonamide.  Both cocrystals were stable in the solid state.  The ternary phase diagram for the two coformers was constructed in two different solvents: acetonitrile and dichloromethane.  Examn. of these diagrams clarified soln. crystn. of both the newly discovered 1:1 cocrystal and the previously reported 3:2 cocrystal, and identified regions of stability for each cocrystal in each solvent.  The choice of solvent had a significant effect on the position of the solid state regions within a cocrystal system.
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