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Griffin, Rosarii
Education in Transition: International Perspectives on the Politics and Processes of Change
Symposium Books
Oxford, UK
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Education in Transition; Politics of change; teacher education; international and comparative education; education and transformation
Reform and reconstruction of education in places as diverse as Chile, South Africa and the former East Germany has highlighted the issue of 'education in transition'. In cases such as these there has been a rapid and profound change of political context from autocratic to democratic, and theory has been generated relating to this. Such cases are included here, but the aim of this volume is to illustrate the fact that all nations are in some form of transition generated by a range of pressures and factors. Consequently, the contributing chapters are structured within three broad themes with the consideration of such issues as 'market orientation' and 'gender' as well as change arising from physical conflict. The resultant book makes a distinctive contribution to the understanding of relationships between policy making for educational provision and the realities of outcomes in practice.
1st Edition
ISBN 978-1-873927-09-0
Griffin, Rosarii
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