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Griffin, Rosarii
2012 May
Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Closer Perspectives’
‘Introduction to Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Closer Perspectives’
Symposium Books
Oxford, UK
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Teacher Education; Sub-Saharan Africa; International and Comparative Education; MDGs, UPE Education in Africa.
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In the drive to achieve universal primary education as one of the Millennium Development Goals, there is an increasing recognition of the urgency of focusing on teacher education to both meet the demand for more than one million qualified teachers required to achieve this goal within sub-Saharan Africa, as well as to combat the sometimes poor quality educational experience reported in the school. Currently, approximately only one third of teachers are qualified to teach. This dearth in qualified teachers also means that secondary and tertiary education need to be improved upon to provide an educated cohort of graduates. This in turn will ensure that the quality of teacher trained and retained within the profession is of a sufficiently high standard to ensure sustainable progress. This volume focuses on the various aspects of teacher education which need to be addressed in order for the wider Millennium Goals to be achieved, but more importantly, so that each African child living within sub-Saharan Africa will have the right to a quality education: ensuring they too experience their right and entitlement as children to reach their full potential--often taken for granted in Western countries--giving African children the necessary tools to build a better future for themselves. Of particular interest to the education researcher and policy maker, this volume's contributors look at the various issues and challenges around the teacher profession, particularly in relation to resources and practices within sub-Saharan Africa.
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